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Auction and Liquidation Services


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John E. Ciluzzi, President of Premier Commercial is proud to announce the launch of Premier Auctioneers. The company will specialize in the marketing and sale of residential and commercial real estate at auction. We see the auction market as a sophisticated option for our clients in all market conditions. Auctions produce results! 

Chuck Kipnes will be responsible for the company's day to day operations, as Chief Auctioneer and Manager. Kipnes said, "I am excited about the launch of Premier Auctioneers.  The Auction has been a selling tool since 500 BC.  We at Premier have used auctions, by referral, since we started doing business.  Auctions create greater price discovery and liquidity, resulting in a very meaningful final auction price.  The launch of Premier Auctioneers allows us to accelerate the sales process when the client and our team determine it is the best and safest route to an end sale.

Auctions are time definite. When the auction sign goes up, it tells potential buyers that you've chosen how to sell your property and the day that it will sell. No more listing,  waiting, hoping and praying. When potential bidders show up for an auction, they've done their homework and registered to bid. The result is imminent."