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Property Management

Premier Commercial’s Property Management division offers al la carte professional services for owners of mixed use, commercial, medical, retail, office and hospitality properties. Services include:

  • Accounting services
    • Our company is highly automated. Each month we have the ability to show you where you stand from a cash on hand / cash management prospective. We can provide reports to show tenant rental histories, property rental histories, tax information to your accountant and a host of other reports.
  • Tracking of tenants, leases and rents
    • We screen tenants to make sure the right tenant will be placed at your commercial and or residential property. Each tenant will be required to fill out an application and we reserve the right to review employment, rental, credit and criminal history.
  • Review of Leases
    • Do you think your tenants are actually paying what is stipulated in the lease? Usually they are not, especially with complicated latter leases that have increases and NNN expenses tied to the original term. We do a detailed review of your leases to ensure compliance.
  • Budgeting and vacancy management
    • Budgeting for the current and future is vital to protect your assets. Property capital improvements should be forecasted to ensure you preserve capital for required expenses. We also bring a conservative approach to vacancy management and try to advise clients on time horizons related to vacancy.
  • Tenant Relationship Management
    • We build strong relationships with your tenants. We respond promptly to their repair requests and receive loyalty and current rents in return. vi. Collection Activities including Notices Eventually collection and compliance issues do come up, but we are experts in collection and eviction proceedings. Our Premier Management Team can be reached directly at 508.815.5707